Home-Based Product Tester, - £16/hr. to £22/hr. | No Experience Required - London

Company: UK Consumer Panels
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Location: London, Reino Unido
Allows working from home: Yes
- Great ability to follow precise instructions
- Great attention to detail and curious spirit
- Be able to work 15- 20 hours per week and commit to a certain routine
- Have access to a reliable internet connection
- Have access to a cell phone that takes pictures
- Be honest and reliable
- Good communication skills are an asset
- 18 years or older
- Properly document In- Home Usage Tests as instructed in the In- Home Usage Test Daily Schedule (snapshots, audio recordings, videos, product journal entries, etc. )
- Take care of the product being tested and use it responsibly
- Read and strictly follow the In- Home Usage Test Daily Schedule provided with each product testing project (may include tasks such as unpacking, reading instructions, journal entries, online or mobile feedback, product usage for a certain amount of time, writing reviews, taking pictures, etc. )
- Some In- Home Usage Test projects may require participants to use MFours Mobile In- Home Use Test Technology (cutting- Edge smartphone technology to capture Point- Of- Emotion® insights to gain unparalleled depth of responses)
- Sometimes, the product being tested may be discussed in a private chat room that a market research firm opens.
- Write reviews as requested in each project's In- Home Usage Test Daily Schedule.
- Very competitive pay rate
- Weekly pay
- Work around your own schedule
- Learn about an exciting industry
- Telecommute (you can work from home, work, or school)
- Most of the time you can keep the product you tested

Work Day: Half-time
Employment type: Permanent Job
Salary: GBP 320.00 - 440.00 Weekly
Positions available: 327

Minimal experience: No experience
Languages: English Medium
Minimum required education: Secondary
Gender: Indistinct

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