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Danish health care is experiencing a need for both medical physicians and dentists. This is the reason that Danish hospitals and dental clinics welcome highly skilled health care personnel from the EU to work and live in Denmark.

Medicolink was established in 2007. Since then, we have successfully recruited around 100 medical professionals from EU countries to work in the Danish health care system. Our ambition is to deliver a service that is more than simple recruitment, job search, or relocation.
Our holistic quality approach focuses not only on the professional achievement of the candidate in Denmark and the satisfaction of the potential employer, but also on the well-being of the candidate and his or her family upon arrival in Denmark. We call our approach The Medicolink Method.

The Medicolink Method means that we strive to offer you a quality in service throughout the entire recruitment process. Our recruitment agents are available to assist in connecting you to the right job in Denmark. We will provide you with all the necessary information and ensure that you receive the best possible preparation for a new beginning in your life and career. Furthermore, we support you and your family in the entire process.

Our entire process is highly comprehensive. It is a process with set stages that are designed to ensure that we find the right candidate with the appropriate background fitting the requirements of the designated employer in Denmark. For this reason, we assess in advance not only the professional skills, but also the psychological and personal profile of the candidate.

Please do not hesitate to contact us in case you would like to know more about our services.




Abroad, United Kingdom.

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